Get Your Computers

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Library computer in use

     We would like to help any public library in the United States with an annual operating budget under $250,000 get computers.  Whether you don’t currently have any computers,  you have computers but need more, or have old computers that need to be replaced we are here to help.  We also hope to be able to help with computer accessories as well as your other technology needs.  Save your limited budget for more books and movies.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Must be a verifiable public library, with an annual operating budget under $250,000
  • Computers must be made available to everyone who needs them for FREE, even if they don’t have a library card
  • (Optional) You may deny computer access to patrons who owes your library money or unreturned items
  • Computers must remain at your location, no transferring ownership to another library without prior approval from us
  • Computers can not be resold or given away
  • If computers you receive are subject to theft or vandalism you must replace them
  • Private libraries, churches, and schools are not eligible


     More information will be added here on how to obtain free computers for you library when funding is available.  Computers will be granted on a first come-first serve basis.  Check back soon.