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Tracy Public Library, Tracy MN

     We at the Tracy Public Library are not only the home of Woody’s Library Computers, but have received several computers from Woody prior to this charity’s formation.  Woody gave us many computers for our patrons general daily use.  One of the computers is a server that hosts our library’s website, as well as this website.  Additionally, we have received computer monitors, cables, various parts, mice, keyboards, and a receipt printer.

Ivanhoe Public Library, Ivanhoe MN

     Woody was a lifesaver for many libraries, especially when so many us were experiencing budget cuts during the last recession. I remember when he first approached me about donating computers, I was amazed that someone wanted to give my library computers, so I jumped at the chance and I haven’t regretted for one moment. From there it expanded to other libraries in the Plum Creek System. Woody began helping us because he had a personal connection to Lincoln County, his ancestors were some of the first settlers in this area. – Sue Vizecky

Wabasso Public Library, Wabasso MN

     The Wabasso Public Library has benefited greatly from Woody Sisson. He has donated 5 computers and 4 monitors and various keyboards and mice to the library. Please consider donating to this very worthwhile cause. Our budget is small and the cost of technology is great. Woody has saved us thousands of dollars that we can then use for books, audio books, magazines and the like.